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Plush Carpet

Plush carpeting, also known as velvet-cut pile, has that signature warm and cushy feel. The short, uniform fibers densely packed together create one of the softest flooring styles available.

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What to Know About Plush Carpeting


Tell a flooring specialist you want cozy comfort every morning when you step out of bed and they're sure to introduce you to the world of plush carpet. It's also known as velvet-cut pile because of its signature warm, cushy feel. Behind the scenes, it's the short, uniform carpet fibers that are densely packed together that create one of the softest styles you'll find




If you're searching for ultimate comfort with a side of durability, plush carpeting may be the right choice. The tightly twisted and densely packed fibers hold up best to occasional traffic, like what your bedroom oasis or formal living room sees. Your busier spaces, like hallways and your home's never-empty family room, may experience faster wear. Plus, heavy furniture can crush and flatten the carpet fibers if it sits in the same spot for a long time. 


Pros and Cons of Plush Carpet


Is luxurious plush carpet too good to be true? Absolutely not! But like all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider. 




Regardless of your home's decor, plush carpet can add a rich, dressed-up look thanks to the smooth, uniform cut of its carpet fibers. Warm up a transitional-style living area with a stunning neutral plush carpet, or opt for a deeper, more vibrant hue in your sophisticated, traditionally decorated office. 


When perusing plush carpeting, be prepared—your color options will feel endless. With the help of a flooring pro and your design vision, you'll find the perfect pick, whether it's a popular earth tone, bold saturated hue, or a multicolor variation. 


Installation and Lifespan


Now that you've chosen your gorgeous plush carpeting, you're eager to get it underfoot! While you might be tempted to take your DIY-minded cousin up on his offer to tackle the job for a little extra cash, you're better served by a professional team of installers. Not only do experienced installers have the right tools and expert knowledge to tackle the tedious process correctly, but they'll also follow protocols to ensure your warranty isn't voided. This translates to fewer headaches down the road, plus a longer life for your new investment. 


Speaking of longer life, you're probably wondering how many years you can expect from your plush carpet. Great question! Like nearly everything else in your home, its longevity largely depends on the choices you make


Optimal decisions include:


How to Maintain Plush Carpeting


It's taken a lot of time and effort to research your flooring options, so visit your local Flooring America showroom to feel the carpet samples in person, and feel good about your final decision. Keep that momentum going once your new carpet is installed in your home with simple routine maintenance. Plush carpeting can stay beautiful and cushy soft underfoot with the help of regular vacuuming


When that inevitable first spill occurs, whether by your own hand or your clumsy husband, blot the area as soon as possible and use the manufacturer's care instructions for further cleaning.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better: berber or plush carpet? 


Both berber and plush carpeting are durable, long-lasting options, but determining which one works best in your home really depends on what you want and where it will go. Looking to cover your home in soft new carpet that will feel comfortable to you and your menagerie of cats, dogs, and whatever adorable little creature you're currently nursing back to health?


Plush carpeting prevails with its cut pile fibers that don't snag pet nails like looped berber can. It's also softer, lending itself to cozy snuggle sessions in front of the fire or family room TV to watch the latest thriller.


Looped berber carpeting, on the other hand, does a particularly fabulous job in areas like hallways where you'd rather not see footprints from your family's constant traffic. It's also easier to clean since most dust and dirt don't penetrate the densely packed loops.